PodKeeper is an online group calendar and family organizer app for Teachers, Coaches, Scout Leaders & Group Organizers
PodKeeper is an online group calendar and family organizer app for Teachers, Coaches, Scout Leaders & Group Organizers


PodKeeper is the simple way to keep your groups organized

A Group Calendar and Family Organizer

PodKeeper is a group calendar and family organizer. If you are responsible for managing children’s group activities, our communication tool allows you to share and create calendars. This is essential to coordinate logistics, create groups and improve parent engagement. Stop using group email lists and start using our simple yet powerful online platform that also has the best event calendar for groups.

We help parents save time and keep their life in control with a consumer application that lets them share and schedule events, create sign up lists, store files and photos, and provide reminders and important last minute updates. It’s a snap to access our parent portal and scheduling software from your computer, tablet or mobile phone, including iPhone, Android and similar devices.

A Family Organizer App and Group Calendar App

Our family organizer app and group calendar app is for any busy parent who volunteers to coach a team for a youth sports league such as baseball, basketball, flag football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis and track. Have a child in cheerleading, dance or gymnastics? Start a Pod and simply invite the other parents using their email address. Teachers, room moms, PTAs, PTSAs and PTOs love using the PodKeeper website for their K-12 school classrooms. Also ideal for preschools, private schools, charter schools, magnet schools and homeschool families. An easy to use method for group events. Parents can organize their daughter’s girl scouts troop or son’s boy scouts or cub scouts pack by using an online group called a Pod.

An Online Group Calendar

Introducing the PodKeeper app to your group will make you look like a genius since it is also a personal planner app and calendar app that can be shared with any friend, next door neighbor or adult in your circle. A simple click and our online group calendar is for any mom or dad who manages a youth sports team, scout troop, PTA org or is a room parent for a school class. To keep any type of group organized like never before.

PodKeeper.com is so simple to use.

You will not believe what you can get done in 5 minutes.

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